Fixed line telephone technology

Fixed line telephone technology uses the existing copper wire telephone infrastructure. Cost-effectiveness and a high quality standard are top priorities when selecting and changing the fixed line provider. The providers use flat rates and minute packages to try to maintain their turnover with companies and in this process the minute prices appear to be exceptionally low for telephone connections. Voice over IP (VOIP) has also emerged as a serious competitive threat to conventional fixed line and ISDN technology.


promedia analyses the complete market professionally and together with you establishes the best suitable solution with the most competitive provider.

One face – services offered by promedia:

  • comprehensive analysis of your requirements
  • market analysis and comparison of all relevant providers
  • planning and implementation of the provider change
  • market monitoring for pricing and technology
  • hotline for contracts, invoices and troubleshooting
  • contract renewal negotiations with telephone providers

One solution – your advantages:

  • excellent maximum cost-effectiveness through comparison, discounts and framework agreements
  • increased reliability through co-operation with global telephone service providers
  • increased transparency of telephone costs
  • hotline enabling quick reaction time
  • best possible connection quality
  • time saved through no need to carry out protracted negotiations
  • practical solution with just one central contact person