Mobile telephone technology

For some time now we have been using our mobile phones to do more than just telephone or send text messages. Nowadays, smartphones offer a wide range of functions and provide us with many additional services. These smartphones, e.g. Apple, Android or Blackberry, have become part of our daily life and we want to be available at all times. Transparent mobile phone contracts and data packages are therefore becoming increasingly important. They have to exactly match the demands and requirements of your employees.


The administration of mobile phone contracts and devices is becoming more involved in companies. The tedious checking of invoices and single call connections on a monthly basis is often not enough to  achieve transparency. Understanding the considerable variety of rates from different service providers requires a substantial amount of time and expertise. This is exactly where promedia steps in to help!

One face – services offered by promedia:

  • analysis and evaluation of the current situation
  • revision of existing contract or new negotiations for a tailor-made framework agreement
  • contract management including monitoring of contract period
  • hotline for tariffs, rates, options, invoices or troubleshooting
  • regular checks and rate improvements
  • invoice management, user data analysis and respective adjustments as necessary
  • device services including repair and replacement
  • monthly reporting including the contract extension

One solution – your advantages:

  • immediate cost savings through regular contract adjustment
  • time saved through outsourcing of device management
  • hotline enabling fast reaction times
  • increased performance through updated contracts
  • better provider transparency and contracts through contract monitoring
  • greater internal transparency through user data analysis
  • practical solution with just one central contact person