1996 promedia-consult is founded. The target is to offertelephone services for business customers in the field of fixed line telephone networks and mobile phones as an alternative to the range of products and services offered by the company Deutsche Telekom AG. The first exclusive sales partner contracts are concluded with suitable service providers and network operators.


1999 promedia-consult expands to build up a nationwide network of sales partners. The range of services is extended to include DSL and internet connections. Turnover and the number of customers increases exponentially due to the permanent development of the sales partner network and a booming market.


2003 further contracts are concluded with sales partners and companies. The demand for telephone systems increases greatly and DSL develops to be a hot mass-market product. The number of sales partners continues to grow. promedia-consult is awarded platinum partner status from COLT.


2007 comes the first approach to reduce the network. In order to increase quality at the customer side there are requests to work more closely with service providers and build up partnerships. Exclusive partners are selected for every product category. The back office team receives support through further recruitment.


2009 promedia-consult receives the treasured "COLT Germany Partner of the Year Award." This award is distributed for particular sales performances in the category "Sales and Marketing".


2010 promedia-consult decides to set up a complete new organisation of the product segments and partners. The core segments such as telephone technology, mobile phones, data services, telephone systems and service numbers are defined and additional partners established.


2012 promedia ITK GmbH s founded. The company is presented with a new corporate design and website. The team of company partners was extended.


 „One face. One solution.“

One partner, one success story and one solution!