The consolidation of IT and communications systems in most companies means that today one not talks about a DSL access, a fixed network provider and a telephone system when discussing comprehensive communications solutions. Market competition is intense and the structures are complex and constantly evolving. Time is money and the workflow has to be planned in detail. The number of emails and other electronic data communication is increasing substantially.

New requirements

In turn the requirements of customers are changing. The telephone system should have access to the data of in-house ERP and CRM tools and should pass calls on to the responsible employee. Company websites have to be flexible to give sales personnel support during customer meetings through support on their mobile devices. The pressure is high and therefore the systems have to be sophisticated and compatible.


This is why promedia has been working with systems for a number of years which interface with fixed line telephone systems. Motivated by our activities, we have today also here managed to gather extensive experience and have extended our network through partnerships with leading suppliers in the field.

promedia is happy to advise you in the areas:

  • EDI (electronic data interchange) – electronic data interchange as opposed to conventional document processing
  • CRM (customer relationship management) – tools to gain and look after customers on a long-term basis
  • WFM (workflow management) – tools to manage and automate processes with customers, business partners and suppliers
  • SNC (social network & community) – modules for forums and social networks
  • CMS (content management system) – systems for successful websites and dynamic portals

„One face. One solution.“

One partner, all-round expertise and one solution!